Belton premium

MOLOTOW BELTON PREMIUM 400ml special paint


 MOLOTOW™-PREMIUM the first artist-can worldwide. The story began 10 years ago. Together with the most popular street-artists, we layed the foundation for the MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM quality. The way of writing was fundamentally changed. MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM – that’s quality made in Germany! Available in 251+ high covering colors. Equipped with the Flowmaster™ spray-valve.

MOLOTOW ™ -PREMIUM是全球第一罐藝術噴漆. 故事源於10年前. 再加上最流行的街頭藝術家, 奠定了MOLOTOW ™PREMIUM的基礎
寫作的方法是從根本上改變。 MOLOTOW ™ PREMIUM – 這就是德國製造的品質! 有251+的高覆蓋的顏色作選擇. 配備FLOWMASTER ™valve噴咀

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