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該ONE4ALL高固體塗料筆系列是獨一無二的. 包括六種不同尺寸技術複雜的塗料筆(1毫米 – 15毫米)和一個獨一的丙烯酸類混合漆, 幾乎適合在所有表面上工作(請先檢查塗畫表面的質量)
所有塗料筆可用ONE4ALL油墨補充, 筆尖很容地更換. 該塗料本身適合不同工具使用.
由於它的多功能性, ONE4ALL打開了藝術家, 作家和街頭藝術家無盡的創作可能性. 這個塗料筆和塗料體系可填補罐裝噴漆, 噴槍, 塗料筆以及油漆刷之間的缺失部份.
一種高色素多才能“德國製造”, 說服前所未有的色彩的光輝和不透明度


The ONE4ALL high solid paint marker series is as unique as versatile. It consists of technologically sophisticated markers in six sizes (1 mm – 15 mm) and a unique acrylic-based hybrid-paint that works on almost every surface (check surface first).
All markers are refillable with ONE4ALL refills and the tips can be exchanged easily. The paint itself can be used with every application tool imaginable.
Due to its versatility ONE4ALL opens up endless creative possibilities for artists, writers and streetartists. This marker and paint system is the missing link between spray can, airbrush, marker and paint brush.
A highly pigmented multi-talent “Made in Germany” that convinces with an unprecedented color brilliance and opacity.

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